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This book starts out with an excited Shane when he finds out there is going to be a new gym opening up in Morganville. A fighting one, which is just what he has always wanted.
But things aren't as they seem, and why one would think it would be normal when it is run by vampires.. and vampires always seem to have a motive to everything they do no matter how nice they might be to you.

When Shane starts to train at this new gym he starts to gain a new attitude and that gets him into a difficult situation when he gets the attention of one of the vampires.
He really gets the hard stick in this book, but I did like how we for the first time, got to hear his POV which was nice to hear. It was interesting to see hos thoughts about the events during the course of this book.

There is a surprise visitor back in town, which is not good news for anyone. And this person's return has an impact on everything that is happening.
Michael and Claire go through some interesting changes in their relationship, and so do Claire and Shane.
When Claire gets a surprising offer for something she has always wanted, she knows she has to decide what she wants to do. And it's not an easy choice to make.

Meanwhile, Claire and Myrnin are still the only two who still know of Frank Collins new existance a secret. But you know what they say about secrets? They are bound to come out sooner or later.

I look forward to reading Last Breath, and then I will finally be up to date on this series. It's so amazing, more than most get credit for.

Rating: 4 out of 5.