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In the ninth installment, Claire tries to discover a way to fix the machine that builds a barrier between the town and the outsiders.
But in doing so, it's not the people outside Morganville whom are forgetting, but rather the people inside. Michael, Shane and others start to forget certain things and they seem to think it's back 3 years ago, long before Claire even came to town.
It's also the vampires who seem to be losing track of time as well.
Given this new deveopment, Claire knows it's up to her, since she is the only one not from Morganville to try fix this problem.

Things start to become out of control between Oliver and Amelie as they battle for power of the town, and interesting things and confessions start to be revealed about their relationship.
Oliver is also not affected since he was not around 3 years ago, so the brain control is not affecting him, just like Claire.. but that doesn't mean she can rely on him to help her through this.

Things were a little different in this book, especially when those closest to Claire don't seem to remember who she is, and so she has to therefore get them to remember a different way, or show them something that is real.
She no longer has her parents to rely on, now they are out of town so that her father could get well again.. so she only has herself to depend on and to be the strong one when her friends can't help her on this journey.

A lot of books tend to get worse as they go on, but somehow, Rachel Caine brings something fresh to these characters in every book and so they just keep getting better.

I kinda.. am hoping something happens between Amelie and Oliver.. I am starting to ship those two, especially after one scene between them in this book. It sure brings up some interesting questions that's for sure.

Rating: 5 out of 5.