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When Claire and her friends get permission to leave Morganville for a period to travel over to Dallas they couldn't be more happier.
It might not have been the passes they were after, considering Claire had made a deal with Morley to get him and his friends passes to leave the town, but instead she has been given some but just for Michael, Claire, Shane and herself for Michael's recording opportunity.

There is one catch though. Oliver happens to be their chapperone much to their dismay.
Things don't go as planned, especialy when they end up stranded in a small town where things aren't as they seem.

What begins out as what was meant to be a fun trip turns into something so terrifying they'll start to wonder where things went wrong.

It was definitely a nice and different thing to see them out of Morganville for a few days, even though what happens.. is just as bad as the things that happen in Morganville, lol
But I was glad in the end, they did eventually make it to Dallas and even amongst all the danger and horrific events that happened they were able to salvage at least a small part of the trip to do something nice for themselves. Even if it didn't last long. Better late than never, right?