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Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later - Francine Pascal This Review is also posted at: || ADDICTED to WORDS:: REVIEWS ||

This.. God.
Ever since I heard about this book I have wanted to read it. As a long time and dire-hard Sweet Valley fan (going back to SWK to SVT and SVH.. I even loved SVU), so you would imagine this book was just going to follow up on the amaziness of the previous series.
But no. I could not be more wrong if I tried.

If I could rate this book more than an 1 then I would. A 0 or a minus would be about right, because everything that I loved about the original books and series Francine had written.. was suddenly gone.
It was like everything in those books was completely re-written, because the stuff that happened in SVC? It just is not the same.

Let me recap.

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield had been best friends, along with twin sisters their own lives.
Until.. what? Betrayal. And you will never guess who it involves.
But this Jessica..is so not the girl we had come to love. There was even parts of Elizabeth's personality that I felt was off. If that was me.. there would be no way I would be as forgiving as Elizabeth, nor would I accept it. I wouldn't care who they were. There are just some lines you just do not cross.

The way this book ends just brings up my lunch in the pit of my stomach. The two pairings that happen just are a disgraceful and should never be put into the SV universe.
I don't know what Francine was even thinking. Sure, people grow up. But not THIS much to the point where they are completely different people and personalilities. It's as if none of the events in the original series ever existed.

I'm sorry. For a die-hard fan.. this book was horrible, and that's the least I could say about it.
I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you were like me and loved the books as a kid / teenager. I'll just hide in my bubble and pretended this book never existed at all.

Rating: 1/5