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After the horrible outcome the feat brought in, Feast of Fools, Claire and her friends, and everyone else NOT on Bishop's side tries to find some way out of this mess. But that seems unlikely when Bishop seems to gain more followers than originally thought.
But things turn from bad to worse, and Claire might find herself that she doesn't have choice but do something drastic.

I felt this was an awesome book. Action packed to the max, and there was always something going on. The villians were still the villians, but in this book you just want them, especially Bishop and his followers to die a timely death like STAT.
Claire finds herself having to step up to the plate, and after a mass deception, she starts to wonder who in this town, apart from her friends can she really trust. She probably should have known even the vampires on the good sides shouldn't be trusted, but sometimes you do have to choose a lesser evil.

The ending was a dozy, and I couldn't believe myself what was happening. There will always be consequences for such actions, even if you do make such decisions for the right reasons. Sometimes, there is no good way to something like this.

Just when you thought you knew how things were going --- think again.

Rating 5 out of 5!