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Just when Claire thought things were getting back to normal in comes in Mr. Bishop, Amelie's father. Who makes oliver and Amelie put together like kittens. It seems he might want revenge of some kind from something Amelie had done to him in the past, and now he wants to take over the town.
Everyone seem to be scared of him, and for good reason. Bishop is gaining followers more and more, and Claire and her friends hope that the good side will win, but things aren't looking well.

There is a big ball for Bishop's homecoming and everyone, well mostly everyone is invited. It will be the event of the year, but things don't go as planned.
Bishop seems to always be one step ahead, and what happens will surprise you.

I loved this book. Things keep getting better and better as the series goes on, and the story is fresh. I loved the developing relationship between Shane and Claire, and then the friendship between Claire and Eve and Shane and Michael. We don't always get to see a lot of Michael and Eve, it's probably because since these books are in Claire's POV, so if they aren't in scenes with her, we won't see it. Ah, the downside to having 1st POV. But what we do get to see is that they do love each other, and would do anything to protect one another.

Rating: 5 out of 5