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I have been meaning to read this book for ages now. It had been sitting on one of two bookshelves that I have for such a long time, just never got around to reading it. I blame it on the fact I keep buying books and can never catch up with those I have yet to read, LOL Alas, The joys of being a book lover, eh?

This book starts off after basically a six month(or so, I believe) break between the first book in this series, and Grace's brother, Jude continues to be missing. Her dad continues everything he can to find him, so Grace has to find the strength to keep everything under control and that includes her mother.
Grace and Daniel's relationship is stronger than before, and they find small moments together while he is helping her train her new super powers.

But it seems soon everything starts to unravel. There are secret messages from her brother whom seems to be in town after so long, and seems to be warning her.. about someone.
But when Daniel starts to keep secrets from her, and a new guy arrives in town. Grace might just start to question Daniel's feeling for her. Or her for him.

I liked this book. Of course, as with most books there is one heck of a cliffhanger, and the wait until 2012 just seems agonizing, but it's these things that get you speculating and something to therorize over until the next release.

You start to wonder just how will this series end. Will Daniel and Grace's love survive all the odds? Will Daniel and Jude ever be friends again? Time will tell.

4 out of 5.