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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Just when you thought Unearthly was as best as it was ever going to get, the sequel to the epic series goes beyond all bounds and imaginations to prove you wrong in that capacity.

The story picks up as Clara is still trying to understand the point of her purpose, and if there is more to it than she was led to believe.

When she starts to get another vision that is when she knows... that her purpose is far from over, she just doesn't understand what is meant to happen, or what she has to do to fulfill this.

Angela, Clara and Christian (along with her brother Jeffery) find themselves banding together since they are the only angels they know their age, and so it gives them something in common. They then get introduced to a whole new band of angels and then in turn discover what their true purpose on earth is.

Jeffery continues to act out of character and unlike the brother that Clara loves. She doesn't understand what is going on with him.

And then there is Clara's relationship with her mother, which expands so much. This is probably one of my favourites relationships in the book because its so beautiful and honest.

Enter Christian. In the first book, he was an enigma. We didn't know much of anything about him, and maybe that's part of the reason why a lot of people have been Team Tucker, because we hadn't been shown anything to contrast or compare to that. But this book fleshes Christian's character out and thensome. We find out more about him, as people wanted and had hoped. (I am Team Christian all the way) and I would be very surprised if people start to feel torn between Christian and Tucker.

There are certainly more surprises than just Clara's emotional conflict. Cynthia throws out some twists and turns in the book along with some answers to some lingering questions. Be also prepared to read the book with a pack of tissues, as you're gonna need them.

This book is a rollercoaster like you wouldn't believe, but it's one I did enjoy being on.

For those Tucker lovers out there, he does get his fair share of page time, and he certainly isn't forgotten in any shape or form. Not only is he there is Clara's thoughts, but also in the present. You shall not be disappointed.

Clara and Tucker's relationship is still as strong as ever, and it reminds me of those sweet, romantic high school relationships. First love. It can be a joy to read, even though I admit, I never got into their relationship, even though I understood it.

While, I'd imagine there will be some disappointment by the end of the book, but I believe every action and choice are in their characters, and Cynthia Hand writes the story in a way that everything that happens.. makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

This ARC was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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