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Ever since Claudia Gray revealed the plot of this book at the book signing when she came and toured Australia last year, I was intrigued. I have always loved the whole Titanic plot and era, even though it is such a sad story, and that curiousity was enough for me want to read it, even though I am not the biggest werewolf fan.

So come to the day I saw the book in the bookstore I couldn't believe that it was finally here. While I picked it up, because I always have so many books to read, so I only had gotten around to reading it.
And boy, I am glad that I did.

So enough of my tale, and more about the book shall we?

It starts off with Tess Davies, whom is working for a wealthy(or not so much, as it turns out) family in 1912 and all she wants to do is get as far away from that life as possible.
It has been four years and in her opinion four years too long, so when the family plans a trip to New York City, America she sees this as her only chance at starting a new life in a new place where she could be anyone she pleases, and not some servant in her home town.

But something strange happens before she even boards the Titanic. The night before, she has a strange and almost dangerous encounter that leaves her freaked out and curious about the guy who had saved her. She never thought she would see him again...

But she did..

When Tess meets Alec, a mystery guy who is travelling with his father on board, and then she starts to fear someone is following her. She then soon realizes that she isn't the only one this stranger is following on the ship.
When she discovers that mystical creatures such as werewolves actually exist her life would never be the same again.
It's the battle, not only for her life, but also Alec's...
These two will have to join forces if they ever want to remove the threat that is holding their lives on the line.

I really loved this book much more than I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, I thought I would like it.. but you never know what you are going to think until you do read it, so I could never tell. So I was elated when I discovered how good it really was.
I have a feeling this was a stand alone book, unless Claudia surprises me and does a sequel, although everything was pretty wrapped up by the end.
I really adored both main characters. Tess and Alec. Together and apart. I hated the villian, but then that was the point. LOL And I really liked the side characters, but it's a tad unfortunate this all had to happen on the Titanic, and we know the history there and what happened...

I do suggest that you are a fan of Claudia Gray's previous works, and love a good romance, with interesting characters and a mystery, then you are going to adore this.

5 Stars
(I really need to find myself a star rating system, hah)