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Emblaze - Jessica Shirvington More of my reviews can be found at: Addicted to Words - Reviews!

Jessica Shirvington's third book in her Violet Eden Chapters is of no exception to the exciting and insane adventures of its protagonist.
Emblaze basically picks up not much longer after Enticed. Violet and Lincoln had agreed to keep their distance given the tragic events that had transpired over in Jordan. But staying away from each other is proving more difficult than they would prefer. Sometimes, things are not that easy and your soul is telling you something different than what your head is telling you.

This time, the gang heads to Greece where there is a final showdown that involves Phoenix and it's one you'll never be able to forget.
I really loved this book (as I did the others, too), but while there wasn't as much romance as I had hoped, the plot, action and the adventure that goes on makes up for it. We also get some answers. Twists and turns, and then there is the bloody cliffhanger.
One thing is for sure. The next book.. is gonna be a long wait until Oct 2012 to see the next installment and find out what happens next.

Violet, she is such a strong female character, especially for someone that is so young. She has been through so much since she discovered what she is.. It's amazing that she has dealt with all of everything that had happened in a mature manner.
Lincoln is my second favourite character and we get to see in Emblaze, that he isn't as strong in regards to his feelings for Violet that he wants her to believe. He holds so much emotion inside that it's a wonder he hasn't broken down yet.
As for Phoenix, I liked him in Embrace, but my dislike for him just grew to a whole new level. But in a way, it's very tragic. Everything he is doing is either for love, or for loneliness and acceptance, but he just goes about it a very peculiar way.

New characters are introduced, old ones return and someone comes back from a place you never imagined possible.
Fans of this series won't want to miss this latest installment. It's one for the years and never to forget.

Again, Jessica Shirvington has outdone herself.

Can 2012 hurry up please?

Rating: 5 STARS. Perfection.