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Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead BEST BOOK OF THE ENTIRE SERIES.

There was so much that I loved about this book. While there was some things left, like what happened with Roman, for which I hope she does a spinoff, but everything else was pretty much solved.
I do wish we could have seen more of specific people (Bastien, Yasmine, I wish we had seen Vincent)but overall, I felt everything clicked into place.

The love story between Georgina and Seth was amazing, and from the getgo you knew there was something deep between them, you just couldn't figure out what it was.
Most of us had figured out as went through the series, but there was still some surprises.

I never had imagined Seth had made his contract with Hell. I had just figured it was with Heaven, and that was why Carter was around. So I was wrong on that account, and the reason why Carter was interested in their love life. But I do know that Carter had something to do with it.

I hated the way Georgina/Jerome relationship ended, but then again.. I guess it was only natural, and that they wouldn't come out of this as good as new.

The epilogue. I do wish we had gotten to see the proposal and if he had given her a ruby! :D

I have never loved Roman as much as I did in this book. I wouldn't have figured it out, but he did and blow the whole thing out of the water. He was probably waiting for something to stick is to hell.. and now he got it.

I could read these books all the time and never get sick of them. They are one of my favourite series.