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Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid, #4) - Richelle Mead Richelle Mead seems to have done it again. With each book In this series just seems to get better and better.
In Succubus Heat, Georgina still angry and bitter after her break-up with Seth adapts an attitude her friends aren't happy with until her Arch Demon boss decides to send her off to Vancouver where she would be out of his way and hopefully adapt to a new not so depressive attitude.

Somewhere along the way there is Demons playing each other, others playing Georgina and she had no idea what her position in this whole thing was.
Then suddenly her powers are gone and she is helpless, not knowing what to do, feeling more vulnerable than she had been for a long time.
Then there is the situation with Seth now that the Succubus problems from their past has disappeared and they are free to explore everything they couldn't before --- but just one problem: Maddie.

This book is hot and packed full of sexual tension, heat, alot of emotion.
After my crying from the ending of the previous book, upon reading this it gave me some hope and gave me a clearer picture of how things might turn out in the future.

To end the book..Georgina finds a Tortie cat. The same one from her dream.
Coincidence or not?