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In this second installment to Richelle Mead's 'Georgina Kincaid' series, Georgina finds herself in more than one prediciment.
Not only has she and Seth started dating following the events of the first book, but her Incubus friend, Bastien has made a surprising visit. Together they try to take down a woman who is doing more harm than good, and this task Bastien seems to have more than a score to settle. His reasons go further than what meets the eye.
Along with that, Georgina finds herself in the middle of some mortal intrigue. Some of her mortal friends have been mixed yup with immortal business that they have no idea about.
When Doug and his band start to ingest certain chemicals supplied from their newest drummer their skills suddenly burst up into a magical outcome.
They find themselves strangely more talented and more energized now so than before. But they soon discover that there are always a downside when something seems too good to be true.
Doug finds that out the hard way, while Georgina learns a few lessons during the course of this book. Not only does she discover that she doesn't always have the power to invoke justice or revenge, but also she finds out that forgiveness can be dished out even if she thinks she doesn't even deserve it.

This installment deals with a lot of real life issues such as mistakes, friendship, trust and understanding what being in love means.