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Georgina is gorgeous, smart, friendly, loyal... and a succubus.
--- That's right folks. She has sex with men to survive. It doesn't sound half bad, right? Wrong. The catch... and there is always a catch, while it might be fun for awhile.. but I would imagine it would get tiring after awhile. She is basically sending good or even not so good souls to hell. But who is she to blame? All she is doing is surviving.
And she was. Until her author idol, Seth Mortensen arrives in town and she makes... a lasting impression on him, probably one she might wish she could have done differently.
I loved Georgina's friendship/relationship with Seth as she tried to stay away from him and brushed him off more than once telling herself they have nothing in common, but there was also a part of her that connected with him and that part always drew them back toward one another in the most unusual circumstances.

I loved Georgina's immortal friends. Hugh, Peter and Cody. Two vampires and an imp. Raising hell.. on earth! They were quite the crowd and the sort that Georgina fits in nicely with. Carter, while he might be working for the other-side.. certainly fits in with the devils that he surrounds himself with. His relationship with Seattle's Arch-Demon, Jerome is quite an interesting one and one I would like to hear more about to be honest. I love Georgina's relationship with him also. Its kinda like a teachers pet / father/daughter relationship.. that is, if that sort of thing existed within the depths of hell.
The mystery of the book was quite interesting. Someone or something was killing off different immortal beings, and ones that happened to surround Georgina herself. One might think she was the center of the chaos and was the real target.
There was some interesting developments, flashbacks that gave you an insight to Georgina's past and some twists and turns. This was definitely a page-turner.

This is one of my favourite series. After I finished the first few books of Vampire Academy, and whilst waiting for the next I had decided to check out this series after discovering the premise and how I thought it sounded interesting. I didn't expect to find myself falling in love with it, but that was what happened.

My rating: 5 Stars