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The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II and The Power - L.J. Smith I think book 2 and 3 are my favourite books in the series, (Or would that be 3/4 in this omnibus). It was action-packed, full of suspense and ended on such a perfect note.
I loved the ending, because I couldn't imagine it ending anyway else. Nick and Cassie's relationship was just like Adam and Diana's in a way. It was comfortable and sweet. Cassie needed Nick at the time for a source of comfort.But he was never her soulmate. Same goes for Adam and Diana, he may have loved her-- but Cassie was always his soulmate.

I loved the showdown and the destruction of John Black. Cassie was a great leader and very strong. I liked her much more in these books. I think she was only just coming into herself. The beginning books were the start of her discovering who she is and what she could do. Along the way, she got the coven's respect and friendship and trust. Along the way, she showed them and proved to herself that she is strong.