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I never thought much of Hunter until his book. That usually happens for new or characters I don't know much about. It happened with Kade and Brock. I didn't really care or know much about them until I read their book where I ended up loving them by the end of it.
The same thing happened with this book. While I started to like him towards the end of the previous book, which was Brock's book, but that feeling doubled after I finished "Deeper Than Midnight".
Hunter I always found cold and hard unable to feel anything. And that was true, until Corrine Bishop came crashing into his life.
Both Hunter and Corrine discover things not just about themselves, but also about their families and their pasts. Its the journey they take together to get information on Dragos, who had held her captive for so many years that lead them to bond and fall in love with one another.

I like how this book was a little different than the previous ones. While in the ones prior to this we mainly just got the POVs from the main characters who's story it was about, but in this we didn't just get Hunter and Corrine, but Chase also played a big part. We also got the others such as Lucan, Tegan and Dante. It was so good to see them again.
I think the reason for all these perspectives is because they all revolve around the same story. The whole dragos thing, which seems to be coming to a head in this book.
Dragos is stepping up his game to take out the order, and the order are doing everything they can to take him out, although that is proving harder than they thought as he seems to be one step ahead of them.

This also felt like a set up for Chase's book, which was good because by the end you can feel his story is going to be real important. As it should be, since we have been waiting since book 2 for his story to be revealed (But that is a story come Feb 2012).
Back to this book. I quite enjoyed it. There was some twists and turns that I didn't see coming. A few shocks in there as well.
You would think that after 9 books a series would get boring, but no.. with this series it is the complete opposite. With every book just only gets better and better.
This is one of my favourite paranormal romance series, and Lara Adrian seems to do every character, every relationship (romantic or otherwise) justice and you are just left with wanting more and not less.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars