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Passion starts up right from the end of 'Torment'. Luce finds herself travelling throughout the past, as she tries to figure out what exactly it is about her and Daniel that makes their love become a curse.
This book was quite different from the previous two, but it was also very interesting to see their lifetimes together, and of course her deaths.
With each lifetime, Luce gets some kind of clue about what might have caused them to be cursed, and why she keeps dying every time.
But Luce finds herself not alone of her journey through time. She has help in getting from one place to another, but is this person helping her --- or manipulating her?
Meanwhile, Daniel and the other angels are hot on Luce's heels, but always a few steps behind. They seem to be all just missing her in each lifetime.

This book throws in some twists and surprises, especially toward the end. We also learn new information and also the one thing we have been waiting to hear since the beginning: Why Daniel and Lucinda are bound to love and lose one another for an eternity.
But the real reason behind this whole revelation is much bigger than they ever thought possible.

Rating: 4.5 Stars