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In the second book to 'Inside Out', it has been a few weeks since the events of the previous book went down, and things are starting to change. Trella though doesn't want anything to do with the politics of it all and thinks she has done enough, but when is enough?
During the course of the book, and things certainly hit the fan -- so to speak, Trella decides to stop doing nothing and get back into the action just as she was meant to. She is much better at doing what she does best -- fighting and doing what is right for everyone.

While there wasn't much romance in the book between Trella & Riley, because of it being action-packed, what we got was enough and it was done well.
We see new characters in this book along with previous characters such as Logan and his sister, and then there is Trella's complicated relationship with her new-found Mother. I liked the progress they had throughout the course of the story in this book. Trella went from calling her a traitor to welcoming to her support and love.

I started thinking at the end whether this is the end of the series, or whether there will be another or more books. It certainly ended on a satisfactory note, but I could see there was room for more story-telling for other books. Time will tell whether we get an answer to that question.

My Rating: 4 Stars