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What if you knew when you would die? What if there was a world where girls get taken and made into brides to prolong humananity?
Rhine Ellery is one of the few 'lucky' girls that get taken to be a bride for a guy named Linden, whose father is determined to find the key to change the course of humanities lifespan. Girls age until 20 yrs old, and males to twenty-five.
As Rhine wants desperately to escape this prison she has been thrown into, she also discovers more secrets and deadly lies during her stay.

Rhine is an exceptionally strong girl. She wants to go home and find her brother, whom may or may not know where she is.. or what is happening to her when she got kidnapped.
She refuses to stay in a loveless marriage, just because Linden's father is using girls as experiments to try to find a cure before Linden expires himself.
She finds a few allies that could help her. But is it enough to get out of the hell that has been created for her?

Linden.. I liked him, and I want to see more of him. While he was weak when it came to standing up to his father, he does have a sweet and nice side where he doesn't agree to what his father is doing.. but knows no way to stop him.

Rhine's sister wives were interesting, although the youngest one, Cecily I don't think really understands what she is putting herself through or what she realises she has gotten herself into.

Jenna is probably the strongest out of them all. She is the oldest and does understand what is happening. She doesn't agree with it, and wishes to be somewhere else but there.. and she is one whom will surprise you.

Gabriel, who works the household is just a prisoner as everyone else who resides there.. He may be the only person whom Rhine can count on. While Rhine tries to find her escape out of there, she soon finds herself in the midst of a romantic situation.. one she didn't ask for, but enjoys.. and another, doesn't want.. but finds herself melting as time wears on.

I would say this is one of the best Dystopian books I have read this year, and I certainly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this kind of genre.. and those who have never tried it. Trust me, I never had considered this genre until last year... and now it's one of my favourite book genres to read.