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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare You can see this review here: http://staytothelights.blogspot.com/2011/04/city-of-fallen-angels-by-cassandra.html

After the seemly-concluded, City of Glass, Cassandra Clare comes out with a brand-new trilogy starting with City of Fallen Angels.
This first installment in this new trilogy starts off six weeks later from the end of City of Glass where Jace and Clary are in love more than ever, Simon is dating... well both girls, Isabelle and Maia and least but not last, Alec and Magnus are off enjoying some alone time together while they can get it. As if on cue when things seem a little too perfect, a little too happy sometimes comes and stirs the pot, and that is in form of a figure from Magnus's past, whom Alec isn't too fond of. I guess they never had the exes talk eh?

When bodies of Shadowhunters start to turn up dead, the start to find out who is doing this and for what reason, but when the truth comes out on the real reason and whom really is behind all these murders, you'll begin to wish you never knew in the first place.

Many of the events in this book travel back to City of Glass, and the consequences of certain actions that were taken upon over in Idris.
When Jace starts to get dreams, nightmares of him doing something horrific he starts to wonder if he is truely capable of evil and if Valentine's influence over him did more damage than they originally thought. But when these nightmares ended up meaning something more than he and Clary ever imagined, Jace would want to die and he may never be the same guy he was again.

I like that Simon had his own storyline in this book and I hoped that he would. I enjoyed his friendship with Jordan, trying to lead a normal life and realizing that in this world that he lives in isn't always a possible thing. Being what he is.. makes him much more important and he finds himself in a position where he may have to make a choice that makes him being torn in two.
The relationship between Jace and Clary becomes even more complicated and angst-filled as the book moves forward. Just when you thought the thought of them being related was bad enough, now they have to deal with something so horrible

Of course, there is a massive cliffhanger in which you wish the next book would be here STAT. While cliffhangers are so horrible at times, it also gets you excited and wanting the next book as soon as possible.
Even though it's been awhile since COG, Cassandra Clare has not lost her touch.

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Over all: 4.5