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In the final installment to Stefan's Diaries, Stefan Salvatore finds himself in New York City.. hoping to be somewhere that nobody knows him or what he is. When he stumbled upon a blood-ridden young girl out in Central Park, where after saving her he brings her to her house for safety.
What might have been seen as a good deed by a young man turns into something quite differently. Stefan soon finds himself getting involved in this girl's family whether he likes it or not, and he did because he yearned for some company and a sense of family.

The longer he seems to be around this new family, Stefan soon discovers that not everything it as it seems, and he comes face to face with Damon, whom has been masquerading himself off as an Italian Count and making mischief around the town. Damon and his goals aren't the only thing they need to worry about, as a new enemy comes to town in search of revenge. This enemy just may be too strong for either of them to take on.

I quite loved this book to be honest. It goes on to show what Stefan said in S1. Wherever he goes.. Damon follows and wrecks havoc. I felt so bad for Stefan so much in this book, because the moment he feels he might be able to stay in society and be around humans.. something, or someone comes and destroys that very possibility.
I enjoyed the plot immensely, and while we see some familar characters and get mentions of things that are happening in the show, it's a nice throwback. We also get introduced to a few new characters.