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Ever since Violet Eden found out that she is part Angel and embraced during the first book in this capitvating series, she has been through it all: Falling in love with the one person she knows she cannot have, making a mistake of befriending and then sleeping with an exiled angel. That was the least of her problems. If only she knew such things would have happened before they happened. During the course of this book, she seems to go through twice as much with more consequences than she would have liked.
The book starts off a few weeks after the conclusion of Embrace, and Lincoln and Violet are trying to keep to friends only. Since, they are partners they know they cannot risk being together because if they do, their powers would weaken and they would be no use to one another or for the cause they are destined to do.
Violet soon meets newcomers, Spence (Also known as Spencer), Zoe and Salvatore. They are new Grigori's like herself but while Zoe and Salvatore are partners (Like Linc and herself), Spence on the other hand has to wait until his partner is of age. Which kinda sucks for him, because it means he has to be in the background and unable to get into any fights or go hunting with the others.

Trouble is never too far away where Violet is concerned. Just when things seem to be getting back into a normal-ish pattern, Phoenix makes his return known in the most unappropiate time and makes it clear what he wants from her, and them. And usually what he is involved with, it's never a good thing and the outcome can't be anything but disasterous.
The gang soon finds themselves on a quest that takes them to a place not one person will ever forget, and a betrayal within the group gets revealed with shocking consequences.

I think I found myself loving this book as much, if not even more than the first book. There was so much that was going on. I loved the new characters, especially Spence. He is someone whom Violet needs in her life.
I love the progression in the love story between Violet and Lincoln. They are like two souls joined as one. Even though they know they shouldn't be together, there is a part of themselves that automatically glide to one another even without realizing it. Whether they like it or not,. they are destined for one another.. it's just a matter of how to make things work without the downside to it. Meaning the draining of their powers and taking that risk.