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The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong In the final conclusion to Kelley Armstrong's 'Darkest Powers' trilogy, things come to a head as Chloe and her friends try to deal with the Edison Group, and Chloe herself suddenly realizes that she has feelings for both boys: Simon & Derek. She knows that she should be with Simon, but the closer she becomes to Derek, she sees that its pointless to deny what's clearly between them.

This book was great especially in terms of Chloe's relationship between the two brothers, as she decides whom she wants to be with.

Chloe's life has never been normal or easy, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Over the course of this trilogy, she grows from a 15 yr old average teenage girl, into a very mature, strong and competent girl. Not a lot of time might have passed, but it's not the time that was important, but rather her actions and the actions around her and how she reacts to them.
She went through so much, although not just her, but it's her reactions to these things that have shaped the person she turned into.