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The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong In this second installment to Kelley Armstrong's 'Darkest Powers' trilogy, we have Chloe Saunders as she finds herself trapped in a place with Tori and Rae by the Edinson Group. She fears of what could happen if she doesn't find a way out of there. Revelations are made as she starts to wonder about the one person she thought she could trust, she couldn't. That means only one thing: She has to fend for herself and do whatever necessary to protect her friends from these people.
She soon finds herself back on the run -- after some help by some unexpected people, and she knows she has to get as far away from from as possible, because if she doesn't then at this point they would be likely kill her or experiment on her in the very least.

As she catches up to Simon and Derek, the group of them are on the run and trying to figure out what to do, and try to find some sort of help.
I really love the friendship between Chloe, Simon and Derek, and then there is the added bonus of Tori, whom actually surprised me in this book. We get to see a different side to her and start to see that she isn't the total bitch we have come to believe.
Actually, we also see the reasons for the things that Lauren had done and her actions become redeemable. When you start to think one thing and think the worst of someone, there happens to be a surprise and you find out there is more than one side to someone.
Of course, we are given a family history lesson for Chloe and it answers some questions that we and Chloe have had since the first book.
I don't know if by the end, Chloe will manage to go back and live a normal life anymore, because so much has changed and sometimes there is no going back once you start something. Sometimes, it's not possible even as much as you may want to.