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The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Chloe Saunders is just like any other girl -- except for the fact she can see ghosts. Ever since she was only a small child she has been able to see and talk to those whom are dead. By the time she was fifteen she could not remember a thing of what happened when she lived in the house with a basement.
When things start to go wrong at school, she gets sent to a group home for mental students. At first it was only to help her deal with whats going on with her, but the more time she spends there and discovers there are other students who are classified as 'different'.
With her new supernatural friends, Chloe soon finds herself discovering things and finding out the people she thought she could trust, she couldn't.

I liked this book much more this time around. I had read it once before, but never felt it was anything that great. I discovered an appreciation for it, and I loved the characters.. especially Derek and Simon. Both of them are different from one another, though they are only half brothers.. not really related, but they also would protect one another until the ends of the earth.
I found that Chloe matures as the book progresses. She may be fifteen, but she has gone through a lot during the course of her stay at the home, much more than an average teenager her age would.
I look forward to reading the second book in this 'Darkest Powers' trilogy. This is actually the first book I have read from Kelley Armstrong, and she has good story telling, and a unique way of getting you involved in the story and connecting to the characters.