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City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Best book of the series currently. I felt as the series progressed, each book became better and better.

Cassandra Clare went out with a bang. Clary had been through so much ever since she discovered what she really was, and this book brought on more complications, revelations and drama that added to the mix.

thankfully there was a conclusion where the readers can feel a satisfying ending.

I was glad the truth about Jace's parentage had been revealed, and Jace and Clary were finally able to be together just as they yearned to do so for so long.
The discovery of whom was really Jonathon was not so surprising. I always felt there was something off about Sebastian from the first moment we met him. He seemed to be pushing too hard for people to like him. .. so much that it was off putting and felt too contrived.

I enjoyed Alec coming to his senses in terms of Magnus and probably realizing that Jace was right, when he told him that he didn't really feel that way.

And then the end provides a love complicated for Simon. Who will he choose? Isabelle or Maia?