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Trust is earned. You can't just can't "I forgive you" and be done with it. Not everything is black and white like that, and if there was one person who knew that more than anyone it would be Kaylee Cavanaugh. Her boyfriend, Nash betrayed her trust during 'My Soul to Keep', and she had been having a rough time in knowing if she can trust him or not after what had happened. That doesn't mean she doesn't still love him, of course she does, but loving someone yet unable to trust them can be a trying time.
In "My Soul to Steal' just as she is trying to deal with longing for Nash but unable to be with him things suddenly turn more complicated by the arrival of his ex-girlriend, Sabine. Not only does Sabine make it clear that she wants Nash back she is also determined to do anything to get him, even if it means removing Kaylee from the equation.
Then, adding to the mix is the revelation that Sabine is hot human, but a mara -- which is literally your worst nightmare. When bodies start to turn up dead, Kaylee starts to question on the timing of the latest casualities colliding with the arrival of Sabine. Is it really all of a coincidence?

I have to admit, I am a fan of Nash & Kaylee. They have been through so much in a short amount of time. Just when you think they will find their way back to each other something else happens that pulls them apart. I start to wonder if they'll ever have the happiness that they want. Even though Kaylee finds herself unable to be there for Nash in his time of need, it's certainly understandable. It's not that she doesn't want to, but I feel she doesn't know if she can trust herself though to be alone with him like that. I do hope things work out for these two, because they are a pair that fit together and complete one another.
I liked the ending of the book because there was a hint of a new beginning, even though there is certain that trouble is far from over.

There isn't a cliffhanger such as the previous book (thank god!) and so even though it feels easier to wait for the next book, 'If I Die' there is also the feeling of longing that you want it out now because you can't get enough.
Rachel Caine really ourdoes herself in this series. Each book gets better and better. The characters you can relate to and you find yourself rooting for them and their happiness.
Sabine. I didn't like her, though a part of me did understand her and her actions. I just didn't agree with her methods and the way she went about things. I suppose we weren't meant to like her.. but were also meant to sympathize with her instead. She seems to be a very lonely girl who feels she needs someone to be able to survive. I disagree with that though. She seems tough enough to be able to go at it alone, and shouldn't need to rely on someone else. I do hope she finds happiness with someone else, because I'm sorry Sabine.. Nash.. just isn't the same guy he was with you. There is a reason things happened.. and a reason he met and fell in love with Kaylee. (Yes, I'm a romantic at heart).