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Darkest Mercy - Melissa Marr Wow. Up until now, Radiant Shadows was my favourite book in the series, but now after reading this book (And I couldn't put it down) this is now my favourite hands down.
Things really came full circle especially when it came to keenan/Donia. It ends the way it starts. I felt the ending was perfect.

Once upon a time, I thought I wanted Aislinn & keenan together, and maybe if things were different it might have been possible, but upon re-reading this series.. I can't see it ending anyway else than how the story has been told.

Things wrapped up nicely for everyone. The Irial/Niall/Leslie situation ended exactly how it was told in IE. And then there was the whole Seth/Aislinn/Donia/Keennan triangle of sorts.
Many people died .. and some.. died and then.. didn't. It was quite an eventful book with full of surprises.