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Fragile Eternity  - Melissa Marr This was a good book. I enjoyed it. Things turned interesting when Seth decided that he was no use to Ash the way he was, and that he needed to be stronger if he were to survive in the faery world.
Its a test of ones love for someone else when that person is willing to become a faerie to be with the girl he loves.

I quite liked the scenes with Seth and Sorcha, it gave you a sense of family.. and since neither of one of them really had that, since Seth's parents.. weren't really the traditional parents one would have liked, and Sorcha has never had a child of her own. This gives them both something else in their lives to love.

As much as I try not to, I still love Ash and Keenan's interactions together, and a part of me wishes for them together.. even though I also love her and Seth and he and Donia together. I guess it's a good thing when its hard to decide between all pairings.. it means the writer is doing a good job.