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Purpose - Kristie Cook Wow. What can I say about the 2nd installment to this Soul Savers series? It was breath-taking and action packed, possibly even more than the first one.

I loved the first book for many reasons. I loved this one for different ones. There was much more action going on, even though things started off slow in the beginning and Alexis was beginning to get on my nerves. But her feelings and reactions made sense and if I was in her position I probably might have acted the same way.

I'm guessing this is the final book, since the ending felt final. There was a happy ending, no cliffhangers and things felt wrapped up.

It has been 7 years (I was shocked when I read how long it had been from the end of book 1, to the start of book 2) since the ending of "Promise" and Alexis has had to raise her son, Dorian by herself, since Tristian was presumed dead or missing and had not heard anything in all these years.
She would not give up that he was alive in some capacity, but was unable to do anything about it since she was not strong enough to go up against the Daimons. Not until she went through the change, that is.

She may been living, but she was dead inside because when she lost her husband she lost heart and soul that went with him.

I went through the motions with this book from being sad, to happy to horrified and then satisfied. It was a rollercoaster, but in the end.. it was all worth it.
I don't find many books that have captured my heart and soul very often, but this series was definitely one of the rare occasions.

It shows people that nobody is beyond saving if there is hope inside them, and never to give up on love even if it may seem impossible.. nothing is ever impossible.

ETA: So I'm mistaken and that there WILL be a 3rd book. This is awesome! :D