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The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning I quite liked this book. I thought it was cheeky of Adam to pose as a young kid and influencing Lisa's relationship with Circinn.
Adam always seems to have a way of interfering with humans, no matter where he goes.
This book seems to be set before "BTHM" But I'm guessing Its just Adam time travelling since there is a mention of Hawk from the first book.
But Lisa mentions that she is from 700 years into the future, and this is what confuses me.. she is from 2014? I always assumed all the girls were from the 90's..
I don't know.. It's a little confusing.

But I like the thought of them living forever together. So it had a nice ending.. with Adam getting what he wanted and teaching Circenn everything he knows about their ways, and Circenn got to save Lisa's Mom and find her again in her century.