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Always a Witch - Carolyn MacCullough This was a great sequel to 'Once a Witch'

When we left the first book, Tamsin had not only discovered that she indeed had a talent, but it was more than one. She also discovered some secrets her family had kept hidden from her. Throughout the journey that she took in 'Once a Witch'.. she ended up with a boyfriend.. Gabriel.

In Always a Witch.. her journey continues as she finds out that Alistair, whom tried to destroy her family and her sister planned on going back in time to make sure her family is the one that gets destroyed.
So what does Tamsin do? Yes, she goes back in time herself and making sure that she alone does it. There was no way that she was willing to put her boyfriend, Gabriel in danger knowing the consequences of time-travel.

She ends up having to work for the KNIGHT family in disguise while she keeps an eye out on their magical -doings.
In between trying to find her family in the 1800's to spying on the Knights and making sure things don't come to an head.. Tamsin finds herself in the middle of a mess.
Who can save her? What is this terrible choice that her grandmother had warned her she would have to make?
It was something that could change her life, for better or for worse.