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Bloody Valentine - Melissa  de la Cruz Loved this book. I just wish it would have been longer.
My favourite was the Jack/Sky bonding story. It was so romantic, even with everything that had been going on at the time.
I also enjoyed Allegra and Ben's story, it was so cute to see them fall in love. I did feel bad for Charles though.
As for Oliver's story. I liked that too.. It was good to see the witch help him with his love/loss of Schuyler. Now he is free to fall in love with someone else.

I'm looking forward to reading more about the witches in 'The Witches of east end' that comes out this year.
I did wonder why Allegra felt so guilty and unworthy of Charles's love because of whatever happened in Rome. Hm.. Was it something to do with her affair with Lucifer when Bliss was born? .. Although, we don't know which cycle that happened in right?
It must be something quite bad if she can bare to be around him because she feels she doesn't deserve him. Hopefully we find out more about that.