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The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #2: Bloodlust - 'L. J. Smith', Julie Plec I really loved this book. Probably even more than the first, to be honest.
I love them being away from Mystic Falls with new surroundings and new people. It brings a little something different to the story.

I like Stefan's struggle.. he is like Damon was in the show in S1. He only thought of humans as food. It wasn't until he met a girl.. a human girl who made him see that shows him his humanity.. which makes him want to stop feeding on humans. It brings all the guilt back of everything he has done and whom he has killed because he could.

Lexi.. Aw Lexi. She taught Stefan there are ways to survive without killing. She also taught him many things including how to compel properly.

Damon.. although, was still bent on destroying Stefan.. and it seemed it was because that Stefan killed humans so easily.. while Damon didn't want any part in that. He was still grieving Katherine.
Its funny, because in this book Damon is like SHOW Stefan, and Stefan is like SHOW Damon! LOL