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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Okay. I finished this book in 6 hrs! I could not put it down.
First and foremost: BEST book in the entire series! I just want to read it all over again!

There was definitely shocks. I was expecting the killer to be Daniella, so I was shell-shocked when it turned out to be -- none other than -- Tasha. I did not see that coming at all.

I had a feeling that Dimitri would take part in Rose's escape. And there was so much alone time between them... I couldn't have asked for anything more.

And there was buildup for Dimitri realizing that he still love Rose and that all he wants is to be with her.

I was happy to see Lissa become Queen. She deserves it and hopefully things will be different with the court from now on.
I also thought her long lost sibling was who I thought it was -- Jill. I had a feeling it could be her.

I felt bad for Adrian though. The break-up had to happen and it was for the best. I just felt sorry that it happened this way and that he was hurt by it. He loved her.
But she was never the one for him. She could never give her heart to him, because it belonged to Dimitri.

I am happy and satsisfied with this book!! It was everything I wished it to be.