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Winter's Light - M.J. Hearle Posted on my blog:: Check it out.
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The sequel to 'Winter's Shadow' brings everything you anticipate and more. If you thought the first book was good, then you aint seen nothing yet. In Winter's Light, Blake is gone, but Winter can't stop thinking about him and wondering what happened to him when the Shivers took his soul to The Dead Lands where the malfarie would be doing God knows what with it. Fast-forward three months and Winter is graduating from high school.
Her sister Lucy finds herself with a new boyfriend, and there are two strangers stalking Winter who happen to be Demori out for Winter after she made the horrible mistake in calling for them when she didn't mean to.

Winter soon finds herself getting introduced to a few new people who aren't exactly on her side, but need her help, and she finds that in the end she also needs their help in getting what she wants.
And what she wants? Blake.

I just might have enjoyed this one much more than the first. I loved Winter's Shadow for many reasons, with the most being that it explored the relationship between Winter and Blake. But this book I loved for different reasons. I loved that we saw more of the past and how it related to Winter and to Blake.
It only just made me miss Blake so much. Winter and I both lived on through her memories of him and the hope that he is still somehow alive in The Dead Lands, which means there would be a way to get him back to her.

Winter soon has to decide who she can trust and whether she would be willing to follow with something even if in her heart she knows is wrong -- all in the name of love.

She becomes a stronger, independant woman in this novel. When she has a mission in mind, she'll do all she needs to go through with it.
A an old character from Winter's Shadow also makes a re-appearance in the name of Sam. Remember him? After the events that happened in the previous book, Sam finds himself on the run to the point where he can't run anymore. He comes back to town and saves Winter which pretty much puts her in debt to him, which is not something she liked considering she didn't trust him.
I really adored him in this story. He and Winter find themselves on the same side this time around and while Winter can't trust him at first, she soon finds herself in this unlikely friendship.

Winter, Sam and Winter's best friend, Jasmine find themselves on a journey to a place that will change their lives forever. They find themselves travelling to Paris where Winter has a task to achieve to attempt to rescue her love, Blake. During this trip, nothing is as easy and simple as she thought it would be.

M.J. Hearle such does an amazing job with this sequel, where the story only gets even more intriguing and captivating than ever before. And guess what? There is one heck of a cliffhanger. Who would have thought, eh? LOL

I can't believe we have to wait until 2013 for book 3. How will I ever survive?

I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Pan Macmillan.

Rating: 5/5