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The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

The second to last installment to the Blue Bloods saga comes to an exciting and heart-stopping end as we are set into three separate directions in terms of the characters.
This story picks up seven months after the end of "Misguided Angel," and we are presented with three sets of characters: Schuyler, as she and Jack try to discover the final, and the most important gate, and it's gatekeeper, Mimi, as she and Oliver race around the world to try to rescue Kingsley, and finally, we have the flashbacks of the past featuring Tomi through Florence and what could have went wrong during that period.

Sky and Jack find themselves having to team up with two sets of twins, as they try to discover the location for the most important gate of all. When it gets revealed where it leads, time will be running out before it could be lost to them all forever.
I loved all the Jack and Sky moments. They know their time is limited, both of them know it, but it doesn't stop them from wanting to cherish every moment possible. But by the end of the book, there is a big moment where you discover what Jack does to attempt to break the bond between himself and Mimi. When he realizes that he might not be able to kill Mimi after all.. which I didn't think he would, or could for that matter.
I know some people have found these two to be a bit boring lately, but I like to think of it as they have grown and matured, and so has their relationship. Of course it's not going to be like it was in the first few books. But it doesn't make it bad, just they are on a different course. It's not just about them anymore, there is a bigger force, plot behind their actions now. I like their small moments, as that is what they only have now they are on a journey of discovery.

In the same city, Mimi and Oliver find a way into hell, and after much progression, they soon find themselves in the very place Kingsley had been taken. It's probably not what you expect from Hell, or maybe, it is when you take a closer look. And just what they discover there, and who, Mimi's realisations just might differ from her original plan and ideas of what she thought might happen once they got to their destination.
When Mimi makes the ultimate sacrifice for true love, it's impossible not to see how much this girl has changed since the spoiled rich girl we first got introduced to in, Blue Bloods.

And then we have the Charles/Allegra/Florence flasbacks storyline going on. We are told via flashes of the past that something was wrong in Florence. That it was apparent that Lucifer had somehow made it back into their world and under someone's skin. Using someone's body. The question is who?
Tomi, aka, Gabrielle has always known that Andreas, is her Michael. But he is so far and between during this time that she starts to doubt that he is up to something, and it starts to make her suspicious of him. Does she know him as well as she thinks she does?
And all the while, Allegra finds Charles at a club where she finally gets him to start to tell her what really happened in Florence. The time where things went wrong, but of course it's not something we hear of as it's at the end of the book and we have to wait until the final book in the series, Gates of Paradise, to discover the truth about it all.

I am looking forward to seeing some answers when it comes to Charles/Michael/Allegra/Gabrielle -- Geez, this is like some wacked version of a love square, yet there are two people in this senario, lol
I think, Bloody Valentine, while not compulsory, will give some insight to this story especially when everything is said and done. I do think there might be clues in that novella that might make more sense once the final book is here and we understand all the answers.
After re-reading this book and talking to April about Michael and Gabrielle, somehow, I have gotten even more obsessed than I have been before. It's crazy, I don't know how it happened, but it just goes to show why this is one of my favourite series within the YA genre.