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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa Posted at my blog: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I know many people, well okay, pretty much the whole fandom has been looking forward to this book. To be able to hear Ethan's story after what we thought was the end.
I was happy to receive a digital ARC from Netgalley and the publisher, and was excited to get back into the world that Julie created with the Iron Fey and Meghan's story.

We get introduced to Ethan's life, after years in the real world. He hasn't seen or heard from his sister in longer than he can remember, but he hasn't been fey free. Not at all.
Ethan is seventeen years of age and has just started at a new school after being kicked out of his others from things he couldn't control, and his parents hope that this will be the one school where he will stick around longer than before.
All he wants is to live normally, and wants nothing to do with the fey, but it seems they don't want to get rid of him, because they are around constantly, or maybe its that he is capable of seeing them wherever he goes whether he like it or not.

Soon after a friend's disappearance, and with the help of a new friend of his, Ethan finds himself having to go back to the one place he wished he could forget and never return, but sometimes, Ethan soon learns that you can't always get what you want.
With new friendships, a potential romance, mystery and intrigue, Ethan's story is one that you would want to read.

I really liked Ethan and his POV. Maybe even more than his sister, Meghan. I liked seeing things from his view and how his life has changed over the last few years, and even more so, ever since he was a child when he went through a horrible experience in which never to be repeated.
I also really liked Kenzie. She is strong, independent with an open nature that makes her a great heroine for this story.
You find out enough to want to know more about who she is, and her life. She even helps center Ethan, who I felt was a little misunderstood, but she understood him perfectly and never gave up on him.

There are appearances by some of our favourite character from the original series, and we also get introduced to another main character who has connections to Meghan and has a connection to the human world who has his own story to tell.

This was a great first installment to the new series, I look forward to reading more about Ethan and his friends as they continue onto this journey of theirs.
If you are a fan of The Iron Fey series, then there is no doubt you'll adore this book. So better put it on your to read list, otherwise the Fey will be after you.

Rating --- 4 out of 5