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Rapture  - Lauren Kate Posted on my blog:: Check it out.
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In the shocking and thrilling conclusion, Lauren Kate brings out all the stops to end this series as the best book to date.

The end of Luce and Daniel's journey was revealing, shocking and heartfelt. We discovered things that I was even shocked about, and I didn't think there was anything this series could shock me.
I was wrong.
While this book might have started off slow, things sure picked up in the second half of the book. From that point forward, especially the last 100 pages, I could not put it down.
There was things that was discovered from the past, of Luce, Daniel and Lucifer's past that will throw you through hoops.

There wasn't enough Cam, and I wish there was more of him, and the side characters, but what we got was nice, and I think their stories in, FALLEN in LOVE proved to give some backstory to them that served a point.
Luce is no ordinary human..
The story between Luce and Daniel goes back further than even they can even imagine. Shocking reveals get turned inside out, and I can guarantee that there will be a point your jaw will be on the floor from absolute shock.

After everything these two have gone through, RAPTURE explores the rest of their history together and why they are important, not only to each other, but also to heaven and hell.
There are some things that can't be told to you. Sometimes, you have to discover them all by yourself otherwise the impact won't be as great.
Luce soon finds out that she stands in the middle of this whole war between each of the sides, and she'll have to make a choice that could change everything.

This is my favourite book of the series, because of how it reveals everything comes together and gets all out in the open.
If you loved the first 3 books, then you are sure to love this conclusion to an epic story.

Rating: 5/5