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Until I Die - Amy Plum Posted on my blog:: Check it out.
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Until I Die, is the exhilarating and explosive sequel that we have been waiting for. Ever since the end of Die for Me, I know I have been anticipating on what will happen next for our favourite characters, Kate, Vincent and his family.
One might think that what Kate and Vincent have has come quickly, but in a world like theirs, the bond and connection they have with one another is unique and really are each other's perfect other half.
There really is nobody else that will be able to understand them like each other. Their love just goes from strength to strength.

Jules, is one of my favourite character. He loves to flirt and a playboy, but Kate doesn't take it seriously because they both know it means nothing just a bit of harmful fun.

Kate has been through so much, with losing her parents, and then having to battle all sorts of things since she arrived in Paris, but two things has kept her sane. Her sister, and Vincent. Without them she probably wouldn't be who she is today.
Vincent has made her a promise that isn't easy keeping, so Kate goes on a mission to find find a way for him to keep it and to help him in the process, but this journey isn't an easy one... and the consequences... might be deadly.

I have been to Paris myself, but I didn't have the impression that Kate does of the city. I found a new perspective through her eyes than I did with me, and gave me a new way of seeing it.
I love the way she describes her life she has there. Its breathtaking and enchanting. I wouldn't mind going again someday with this new knowledge.

Die for Me was honest and full of life. Until I Die is beautiful and honest. I can't wait to see what the next book brings.
If you loved the first book... be sure to pick this one up, if you haven't done so yet.

Rating: 4 out of 5