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Meghan thought she had it all. A great family, a best friend and a shot to look good for her long-time crush. Then everything changed. On her sixteenth birthday, Meghan sees things that shouldn't be there, her brother gets kidnapped and some monster is put in his place. With her best friend, Robbie by her side, one would think he would give her some reasonable explanation for what happened, but no... he tells her the truth. Her brother has been kidnapped and taken into faery. Yes, fairies are real.. and he --- is Robin Goodfellow, or you might know him by.. "Puck".

Meghan and Puck then head into the Never Never, which is what they call the land where the fey preside and try to find a way to find and bring her brother, Ethan back to where he belongs.
But things don't go as easy as she thought.
She goes on quite the journey between meeting her real fatherm discovering things she wish she didn't have to discover, and along the way, she finds herself drawn and falling for the one that is forbidden to her: Ash - Prince of the Unseelie court.

What she doesn't realize is that Puck, her best friend for as long as she can remember is in love with her too, but is it a little too late?
Will Meagan find her brother so they can both go home?

I admit, when I first read this book -- this was more like a re-read since it had been forever since I read the first two books, I really didn't like Ash all that much. I was Team Puck then, and still Team Puck now.
While, I know it would never have gone a way that I might have liked, I did eventually come to understand the love between Meghan and Ash, and it was sweet. And Ash wasn't that bad of a guy/fey.
I fell in love with Puck the instant he came onto the scene. He is by far my favourite character of the series/book. I would go anywhere with him if he asked.

The world that Julie created was an interesting one. I have read a few Faery books, and I like that each one has a different take on the genre and mythical creatures.
I especially liked this because of the whole Midsummer nights dream aspect. I remember I had done the play of it and watched the film when I was young in High School, and always had a thing for Puck.

Rating: 4/5