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Between - Jessica Warman This review was also posted @ The Book Twins -- Ya & More reviews.

I admit, this is probably usually not the sort of book that I would pick up, but I found the blurb quite fascinating and I just knew I had to read it.
I was glad too, because It was such a riviting and compelling story and one that was also unique in its own right.

The first chapter got me glued in on the story, as we get taken to the night in question. Elizabeth wakes up in the middle of the night after celebrating the night before her 18th birthday with her friends on her father's boat.
Things don't go as planned, because when she wakes up she discovers something rocking against the boat.. a body.

Intriguing, right? Yes, I thought so. From that point onwards it was only a waiting game until someone discovers her body and so she can remember what just happened, and who killed her. Or was it an accident?
Not too soon after she discovers her own body does she find herself not alone. A boy stands next to her and he can see her. She can see him, which only means one thing: He is also dead.

She soon realizes that they know each other, and they figure they can see each other because they are meant to help one another move forward. They seem to be stuck in the 'between' not alive, not dead. But in between planes.
Together they go on a journey to discover what really happened to her, and Liz soon finds out that she wasn't the sort of person she thought she was.
New discoveries of her own life and the ones of her friends soon come to light, and by the end she will question whether she knew who she really was to begin with.

Its interesting how much a person can change after death. I didn't really like the person she was before she died, from the parts we saw, but I did like the person she was after all this happened. I like that we got inside her life, and found out things about why she was the person that she was as there was a reason for it.