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Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers This review was also posted @ The Book Twins -- Ya & More reviews.

In the first book to this new historical trilogy, comes a seventeen year old, Ismae. After escaping her arrange marriage she finds herself at the convent of St. Mortain, where she soon discovers the true reason they have accepted her. St. Mortain isn't any ordinary saint, he is the god of death and whom they worship. It's said that he has given special gifts to certain people in order to do his bidding, and thus the girls at the convent believe it under blind faith.

Ismae spends three years defining and sharpening up her skills, which include learning about the histories of the royals, how to seduce men, poisons and all sort of things that would be required to kill their marks.

Her final test is being able to work and yet spy on Gavriel Duval at the high court. And in doing so, the closer she becomes to him.. the more she starts to question the motives of the convent, and the discovering of her new growing feelings for him.

The romance between them was marvelous. It was something that grew over time as they continued to work together, and then when it was so built it everything exploded and there was no denying what was between them.

This book has everything you could want. It's set in history, which would be the 1400's Brittany. A historical romance to die for, a strong heroine and full of action to the punch.

I love the way, in the beginning Ismae was scared and vulnerable, and with time she grew into a strong and confident woman. She just needed that push to make her go down that line, and I bet for one, she is glad she did.

While this took be while to get into it.. I had to re-read the first part of the novel twice to grasp what was going on.. I did end up enjoying it as the story progressed.

This comes out in April. It's a must buy. What are you waiting for? Pre-order now if you think it's something that's up your alley.