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My Review::

I had heard so much about this series that I decided I should give it a shot, and no surprise it was quite good.
Aura is a strong female protagonist who has so much in her life to deal with, and now adding the complication not only by her boyfriend dying and becoming a ghost, but also of her lingering feelings for a newcomer.

The love triangle seems like a prominent plot point and to a point it was, but it wasn't all this book was about.
There was also a mystery pertaining to Aura and Zachary's births and why they were the way they were. We might not have gotten all the answers, but the book was a nice set up for the rest of the series.

During the course of the book I was confused. I didn't know who I would choose if it came down to these two boys, so I don't blame Aura for being confused by her feelings.
She loves Logan so much, but she knows at some point she does have to let him go because there can't be a future between the two of them with him a ghost. And with Zachary she develops feelings for, but still can't bare to act on them because of Logan and the love she has for him.

After much thought I ended up Team Logan, but I didn't mind Zachary either, and he is a good love interest for her, and most likely whom she will end up with.

This was a great first book, and I was impressed by Jeri's writing and story telling. She gives us this story and shows us a world of what it would be like ifm its normal to see ghosts and what one would do about that.

These characters were so.. real and normal.. as much normal one can be in a situation like this.
They grew throughout the story, and I can't wait to see what the 2nd installment brings.