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Remembrance - Michelle Madow This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

I know we have all heard re-incarnation stories many times, and while many might think this has been done before, and partly you might be right, but Michelle manages to pull off this story with some uniqueness that makes this novel stand out.
The romantic tale that Michelle brings forth almost does make you believe in such love and reincarnation is possible.

Lets get to the story..

This is a tale of a young teenage girl by the name of Elizabeth (mostly known as Lizzy) Davenport, whom she thought there wasn't anything she didn't know or could have wanted. The last thing she believed in was reincarnation, but that was until Drew Carmichael arrived in town.
She was dating Jeremy, but let's just say he isn't the most likeable character or person, but I suppose in his own way he means well.
Lizzy couldn't understand why she felt this strange and intense pull toward the new guy in her class. It's as if... she has met him before, but she knows that is impossible. She would have known.

When Lizzy starts to have flashes of certain periods of time, she starts to wonder whether or she is going insane, but soon enough she does believe in the impossible. There is such thing as true love. Reincarnation.

But not everything as it seems, especially when Drew ends up dating her best friend, Chelsea and she doesn't understand why. Does he not feel the same as she does? Does he not feel that connection? Or, is this all in her own head?
When Lizzy starts to remember more things about her own history, will she know who and what she can trust? Or, will she just trust her heart to lead her the way?

And now for my thoughts;
I heard about this book before the release last year, and these kind of epic, romantic tales always seem to interest me. The love between Drew and Lizzy is everything you could ever hope to see in a love pairing. It's honest and real. Romantic and agonizing. Sensual and heartfelt.
I was drawn into these characters, their relationship whether it's the good or bad parts and the world Michelle creates.

The way this novel ends you would think it is a stand alone novel, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover there are two more books left in this series. I am delighted by this fact, and personally can't wait to find out what happens between Lizzy and Drew next.

If you have been contemplating to read this novel, then put all bad things aside, and try it out. I always say you can never know what your opinion on something will be until you read or experience it for yourself.