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In Strider's story,and one I had been looking forward for awhile now.. we start off with Strider who left in the previous novel to go help Paris track down the girl Paris loves.

Kaia is a harpy who has spent thousands of years being the disappointment in her family from one mistake that cost the lives of many. But who was she to know? What is she, a mind reader?
From that point on, Kaia or her family was never allowed back to the Harpy games, until now. Kaia is determined to prove she isn't a disappointment and win the games this year.
With Strider by her side, Kaia faces her family and the return to the place where everything went wrong.
But on the upside, she gradually earns the love of the warrior who is by her side. She has always known he was the one for her.. the consort to her Harpy, but he doesn't know this because if he did.. he might have run for the hills.

I loved this book so much more than the previous ones. Strider, Oh.. he is so swoonworthly, and I adored Kaia. She definitely was a worthy Heroine.