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Sirensong - Jenna Black In the final conclusion to Jenna Black's Faeriewalker trilogy, we see Dana and her father get invited to visit the Queen in Faery, which is something Dana wishes she could get out of.
The book majority takes place within faerie. When something tragic happens to a member of the Fae royal family everything points to Dana, and so she, Ethan, Kimber and Keane race to get away from the castle as possible before she is killed herself for murder.

Ethan and Keane are forced to spend time together even though it's the last thing they want, considering they pretty much hate each other.
They have a history going back way before Dana came into the picture. But we also have a third(fourth?) point in this little triangle/square and that would be Kimber, whom has the hots for Keane, but she doesn't believe he knows she exists.
That changes in this book, as Keane starts to see Kimber as someone other than Dana's friend and Ethan's sister.
I liked the relationship between them, ever since I found out that Kimber liked him. I believe Keane even mentioned something in book 2 like you could tell there was something about her he liked.

I liked, even though it frustrated me that Jenna Black used some real life issues and dealt with them acordingly.
Like for example, Dana's mother's problem with alcohol. She has never admitted she had a problem before and that doesn't change. It never does in most cases with alcoholics. I would hope that eventually she does realize it's not just a few drinks here and there, but that she really has a problem and it isn't helping matters especially since Dana has always been the one to clean up after her.

I thought most things were tied up by the end of the epilogue. I think she could have gone on for another book if she wanted, but I felt pretty satisfied by the end that there was no need for anymore.
The relationship between Ethan and Dana evolved more into this book. Ethan is not the person he used to be, and so he shouldn't be after all he had been through. I just think that makes him more mature and a stronger person at the end of it.

They along with Kimber and Keane form an interesting friendship between the four of them, and that's not something they thought they would be able to have. It seems the tension between Keane and Ethan has calmed down after what they went through together in Faery, and it changed them.

I love Dana's relationship with her father. It's not something that happened overnight, but something they are continuing to work on every day. It's normal (well to a point) and realistic. I would imagine that will be something that will continue to grow.

The friendship between Dana and Kimber is one of my favourite aspects of the book. They had their problems in the book they were dealing with and issues they still need to sort out. But if a friendship is to survive work is needed, and they were willing to do that.

Rating: 5 out of 5