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Oh boy. Just when you begin to think you can't be surprised by anything from this series, Rachel Caine just ups the anty.
Did it ever occur to you as to why Amelie chose Morganville? And especially way out in Texas? Do vampires have any weaknesses or if there are anyone or anything they are afraid of.
The answer to those questions come to light in this book, as we begin to dig deeper into their history and you do understand certain aspects and actions involving Amelie.

When a messenger comes to the entrance of Morganville with a note for Amelie, and with Myrnin scared as well.. that is the number one sign of trouble.
When vampires are freaked out by something.. you know it has to be something big.
From that point onwards we get introduced to a new series that roams on earth. They are bigger, badder and more deadly than our vampires ever have been.

I liked the alternate POVs, especially Amelie's because it's not often that we get to see what she is thinking. And I am loving more and more the relationship between her and Oliver, as there is a moment in the book that will make you swoon. It did me, and I was like.. It's about time.

There is more focus than ever on Eve and Michael as they try to figure out a way to get married.
Marriage between humans and vampires are practically forbidden after an incident that happened many years ago, in which it did not end well for either of them, and for the town as well.
And while, I can understand why they don't wish for another repeat of it, the vampires do have to understand that it is their choice, and while Michael may be under Amelie's control, but he is still his own person. He has his own opinions and should be able to do as he pleases, and be with and marry whom he wants. It should be nobody else's business but he and Eve.
But when is anything easy in this town? Never.

Shane and Claire go through a bit of a turmoil, but the love they have for one another is stronger than anything they have ever faced before. And it will be the one thing that gets them through it all.
I really hope that by the time everything is all over, I want Claire to go to MIT (I was very heartbroken when she told the guy in the last book that she couldn't go) and they can be somewhere that isn't run by vampires, and try to live a happy and normal-like life for once.

Rating: 5 out of 5.