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With Bishop gone from the scene, Claire and her friends can finally relax as the town and it's people come to grips with the losses and the wreckage that was done when Bishop reigned.
When Eve starts screaming, first instinct would be is that something is wrong. But not in this case. It was more of an excited scream.

When Eve gets a lead role in Morganville's upcoming play, which she has been wanting to do for years she couldn't be happier. Well, except for the fact that Oliver is playing opposite her. Talk about worst nightmare ever.

When Kim, an old friend/acquaintance of Eve's and Claire starts to feel like she is being replace in Eve's life and then adding to the misery is the discovery that not only does she know Shane, her boyfriend, but also they hooked up once.
But when she suddenly goes missing, the gang have to find what's going on and get to the bottom of it.
What they discover about Kim and about what she is really doing will make you wonder how she isn't dead already.
But that's not the only thing they have to worry about. Adam, Myrnin's machine is out to get Claire who seems to think she is trying to steal him from her, and so she has to eliminate Claire from the equation.

I like it when they all work together to solve the problems this town seem to have in each book LOL.
I also really like seeing Amelie and Oliver working together, even though they are both leaders in their own right, so it doesn't always pan out. I think they are more similar than they think, they just go about things differently.

Rating: 4 out of 5.