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XVI - Julia Karr While this book might have start off slow, that's not uncommon it certainly picked up to the point where I had to finish it. At first, I thought this was going to be just another dystopian novel, but how I was wrong. It gets very dark and gloomy. The story really begins when her mother gets murdered and she tells Nina a secret that nobody knows. This secret is so shocking that she can't believe it has been kept hidden all this time. Then, there is the question is if her mother was just delusional and it's not really true after all. She starts to wonder who she can trust with this information, because she knows she can't accomplish this mission this piece of information has set on her by herself.
Nina soon finds herself drawn to Sal, a boy whom she has saved from an attack, and as they start to spend time with one another she soon finds herself with an ally who might be able to help her on her quest.
She also is only weeks away from being sixteen, which in other words mean sex-teen.. the age that it is legal to have sex with anyone. It's also the time where boys can do whatever they want with you, and some girls let them because they convince themselves it's what they want as well.
During the course of this book discoveries get made, admission and confessions get told and secrets -- long life secrets get outed.
Whether it's trying to convince her best friend not go to along with what the government is trying to sell, taking care of her little sister whom her mother also told her to keep her away from her father, and trying to keep up with her friends while setting out on this seemly impossible mission -- this book is a intriguing concept where you should always have a choice in matters of the heart and body. Nobody can tell you when or if you are ready to have sex, even if you go have the go - ahead to do it.. doesn't make it right.